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Welcome to Carolina Podiatry Clinic, LLC.  We pride ourselves on our non-surgical approach to your foot and ankle ailments.  Our objective is to provide quality care in a patient friendly environment. 

We specialize in Podogeriatrics and diabetic foot care where age and diabetes can have detrimental effects on the foot due to poor circulation, arthritis, and poor sensation.

We also specialize in lower extremity biomechanics where we incorporate engineering principles to help us better evaluate and treat our patients.  A lot of your knee, hip, ankle, and lower back problems can be traced back to the foot.  In addition, any trauma or surgery to the lower leg such as knee implants, hip implants, or ACL injuries can result in a change in foot function and later foot problems.  After all, the foot is the foundation of the body.  If you don’t take care of your feet other parts of your body will suffer.


our doctors:

Dr. John Ksor DPM

Dr. Jonathan B. Ksor DPM, MS Candidate Biomedical Engineering


We treat:

Diabetic foot —routine foot care, diabetic shoes, and diabetic foot education.
Skin Disorders— ingrown toenail, athletes foot, warts, fungal nails, calluses, corns,  dry skin, sweaty feet, ulcers etc.
Sports injuries— tendonitis, Turf toe, ankle sprains, stress fractures, shin splints, etc
Nerve Disorders— neuroma, tarsal tunnel, neuropathy, neuritis, etc.
Other Disorders— flat feet, heel pain, wounds, arthritis.

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